Puppeteer in a Puppet

Loutkar V Loutce Sandro Dragoj

Technique: graphite, pen and ink drawing – combined technique
Size: 594 × 420 mm
Date: 31.7.2010

Description of the work

This work conveys the uncomfortable idea of the unfairness of some negative inner motives – be them one’s own, someone else’s, or belonging to entirely distant long dead persons remembered in history as tyrants. It points to that something vile, insidious, and unfair hidden in people that makes them do things against their own – sadly, suppressed – will and then suffer in secret under the weight of their heinous actions. The work reflects on the mental insanity that seems to puppet our thoughts, wills, and bodies, making us soulless psychopaths, even zombies, unable to stand for ourselves and our daimons.

It’s an early work, where I experimented with the combination of graphite, pen, and colored ink. More previews of the work

More previews of the work

editing: Arianne Perrier
web design: Brbla

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