Sandro Dragoj

Sandro Dragoj

Artist, poet, philosopher

Welcome to my personal dark art page

Drawing, painting, and combined techniques – I specialize in all these. I’ve dedicated myself to dark art since childhood. Nowadays I sell my free-creation pieces and also work on commissions as a commercial artist with a distinct taste and ambition to fulfill my clients’ ideas.

I prefer complex work rather than quick sketches. My works feature a unique style, standing out with their hyperdetailism, surrealness, and often an even hellish atmosphere.

If you are looking for high-quality custom art a reasonable price and like to be surrounded with genuine, authentic and inimitable visual works, you are at the right place – contact me at

You can view my works by the following themes and techniques:

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Brilliantis is my own visual art technique, in which I combine oil painting with otherwise generally incompatible drawing and painting devices, such as ink, graphite, or aquarelle. The resulting artwork is created in such a way as to achieve the highest shine, light-fastness, and resistibility.

Some examples of my works made with the Brilliantis technique

Indicative price list for art commissions

You can order virtually any artwork from me – I’d just recommend that you check out my portfolio first in order to decide whether I am the right artist for your ideas.

Orders are accepted via email at:

Below you can find approximate pricing for different types of artwork:

Type of artwork:Approximate price:
Cover/book cover/A4 or A5 booklet200 – 1 000 EUR, 230 – 1 150 USD, 170 – 850 GBP
Drawing/pen drawing for interior decoration200 – 2 000 EUR, 230 – 2 300 USD, 170 – 1 700 GBP
Artwork on any theme for interior decoration400 – 5 800 EUR, 260 – 6 800 USD, 340 – 5 000 GBP
Couch artwork and extra large artwork960 – 19 000 EUR, 1 150 – 22 800 USD, 850 – 16 700 GBP

Prices and cooperation with clients

Due to the current unstable economic situation, the prices of all works change weekly. I set them according to commodity values on the financial markets. If the client is seriously interested in an artwork which is for sale, I freeze its price – incl. in the cases when the client wants to pay for it in installments. The same applies in the case of a commissioned artwork order a with longer term to maturity.

A commissioned piece or an artwork for sale can also be purchased with cryptocurrencies

Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin CASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Cardano, EOS, Tezos, Aave, Maker, Dash, Zcash, MANA, Augur.

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