Pastor’s Punishment

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Technique: drawing with graphite and ink – combined technique
Size: 420 × 297 mm
Date: 2016

History and origin of the work

The artwork Pastor’s Punishment got based on a similarly titled short story, The Punishment by Kristina Haidingerová, and served as an illustration for The Last Kiss, a collection of horror stories by various authors including Martin Štefko, Honza Vojtíšek, and Petr Bocek.

The book is available here.

Motif and meaning of the work

The story by K. Haidingerová is about a Christian pastor who engages in pedophilia and leaves behind dead children, who later, under the influence of a demon which the pastor is in contact with, come back to life and become beasts. The artwork depicts one of the abused undead boys.

editing: Arianne Perrier
web design: Brbla

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