Unicorn Sandro Dragoj Web Brilliantiss

Technique: Brilliantis
Size: 210 × 148 mm
Date of completion: 5.7.2020
Commission art

Bending traditions among artistic depictions of hell

It’s not that my work were tightly bound to any specific tradition, but I have spent a long time dedicating myself mainly to the concept of Inferno. So it came as quite a surprise when at the turn of 2019 and 2020 certain clients who like my infernal-themed artworks expressed interest in my depiction of themes from the completely opposite side of the spectrum. The unicorn was one of them.

Techniques and assignments

When my client sent me the assignment for this project, I, having previously worked on a series of demonic entities for her, could not hold back a friendly laugh. It was the most kitschy unicorn I’ve ever seen. On the other side, I thought, why not? Naturally, I warned her that the assignment looked a bit like a cliché. She responded that this was exactly the reason why she was hiring me. I was to make sure that it wouldn’t look kitschy. So I cleaned my pens and dug into the most technically demanding elaboration I’ve ever attempted.

editing: Arianne Perrier
web design: Brbla

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