Technique: Brilliantis
Size: 210 × 148 mm
Date of completion: 5. 7. 2020
Commission art

A little unconventional after the artistic rendition of hell

Not that my work closely belonged to any captive tradition, but for a long time I devoted myself mainly to the concept of Inferno’s own idea as such. However, the turn of 2019 and 2020 was a real surprise for me, as people / clients who like my hellish work expressed a desire with financial interest to portray topics of a completely opposite spectrum. The unicorn is one of them.

Techniques and assignments

When a client sent me an assignment after processing a series of demonic intelligences for her, I had a friendly laugh. It was the most kitschy unicorn I’ve ever seen. On the other side, I thought, why not? Of course, I warned her that the assignment looked a bit like a cliché. She pointed out that was exactly why she was hiring me. I have to make sure it doesn’t look like kitsch. All I had to do was clean the pens again and embark on the most demanding digging I’ve ever achieved technically.

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