Sandro Dragoj

Sandro Dragoj

Welcome to my personal page of dark art

Drawing, painting and combined techniques – to all that I focus my attention to. I’m devoted to dark art since childhood and I either sell my art, or I work on commissions as a commercial artist with a distinct taste. I try to satisfy all the requirements of my clients.

I prefer complex work rather than quick skatches and I’m offering a unique style with a focus to hyperdetailism and surrealness with a hellish atmosphere.

If you’re looking for high quality art with a decent price and like to surround yourself with something different, that not many can copy, you are on the right address and definitely contact me:

You can check out my work on upcoming topics and art:

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It’s my own personal technique, where I combine oilpaint in incompatible ways of drawing and painting, which is for instance ink drawing, graphite drawing or aquarell. Everything is made to the highest shine, lightfastness and resistance of the final artwork.

Samples of my work using the brilliantis technique:

Guide price list for art commisions

You can order anything your heart desires, but first I recommend to check out my work for you to decide, whether I am a capable candidate.

Orders are accepted on this e-mail address:

For a brief price orientation I’m exposing an approximate price list for all sorts of artwork:

Type of art:Approximate price:
Cover/book cover/booklet format A4/A5200 – 1.000 EUR, 230 – 1.150 USD, 170 – 850 GBP
Drawing/pen drawing for decoration of the interior200 – 2.000 EUR, 230 – 2.300 USD, 170 – 1.700 GBP
Painting of any topic for decoration of the interior400 – 5.800 EUR, 260 – 6.800 USD, 340 – 5.000 GBP
Couch painting and extra large paintings960 – 19.000 EUR, 1.150 – 22 800 USD, 850 – 16.700 GBP

Price and cooperation with clients

Due to the current unstable economic conditions, the price of all work changes every week. I do it according to the values of commodities on the financial markets. In case of serious interest in the painting for sale, I freeze the price for the client, even if he wants to buy the work in installments. The same happens if it is a custom painting to order with a longer maturity.

The order and the painting for sale can also be purchased for cryptocurrencies

Supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin CASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Cardano, EOS, Tezos, Aave, Maker, Dash, Zcash, MANA, Augur.

I can be financially supported

Do you like my cultural activity, whether artistic, poetic, or organizing events that are usually without entry, but you are not interested in buying my paintings? Everybody can support me financially in several ways:

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