Hellwood Sandro Dragoj

Technique: Brilliantis
Size: approx. 400 × 300 mm
Date: 2019

Creation, story, and meaning of the work

This artwork was based on Dominik Fiala’s upcoming book with the intention of making an illustration. At that time I was somewhat unable to produce anything simple and with each work I felt the need to bring out the best in myself and test my artistic abilities.

I ambitiously chose handmade pulp paper as my material and started preparing a rough pen and ink drawing. Next, oil came to test what I was capable of achieving with my Brilliantis technique. The work needed to be dried several times; no chemicals were used to speed up the process. I didn’t want to risk possible damage to the material this far in the process. I avoid drying accelerators in general and prefer to rely on patience.

In Dominic’s story, a being somewhat like a ghost or even a god of Lovecraftian proportions haunts the forest. It is, of course, supposed to be a certain embodiment of evil.

More previews of the work

Fun fact at the end

The handmade paper does not have strict dimensions. It is a manufacturing characteristic. The artwork is so well preserved that any absorbency has disappeared. I have repeatedly tested the surface against moisture. It could be, for example, poured over with coffee, then rinsed with water wiping off the moisture, and no damage has occurred. This piece that can stay here with us trouble-free for centuries to come.

editing: Arianne Perrier
web design: Brbla

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