Technique: oil painting
Size: 707×500 mm
Date: 2011

Origin and history of the work

My first completed oil painting was made as a tribute to the now defunct civic association Dávný Obyčej. This association planned to donate the painting to the writer Raven Kalder. He had been invited to the Czech Republic to lecture on the pagan lineage called Rökr. The oil painting of the goddess of death Hel is now supposed to be in his private collection.

Goddess of Death Hel

She is the Scandinavian goddess of storms and the underworld named Heleheim prepared for the gradually decaying, weak, dead from disease. simply those who were unable to live out their lives with heroic dignity. According to tradition, Heleheim is a frozen world of silent suffering, and Heleheim is left on a three-legged horse when it goes to fetch new souls.

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