Technique: Brilliantis
Size: 297×210 mm
Date of completion: 2019
Commission art

Baphomet as the culmination of four previous commissions

One day, after X years of about fourteen years of experimentation, I came to the conclusion that I had invented something like my art technique. I only knew that I was striving for something like this on the very edge of my unconscious. The enthusiasm for work and the determination to follow something recognizable to me did not allow me to look at it that way. In the end, a client appeared to me in the same way, who ordered the rendering of four mystical beings (Leviathan, Satan, Lucifer, Belial) in the highest possible quality. After completing the order, he decided to complete the collection by depicting Baphomet in the form and symbolism as you now see it here.

Detail and process of the artwork

Symbolism of baphomet

Baphometh is shown here only by the head in the pentagram, and this took place at the request of a client who wanted to remain anonymous. There are cosmic opposites of the sun and black holes, planets and other bodies of our solar system and zodiac signs surrounded by the snake Orob. All this was an assignment, which was completed together with the client at the beginning and during the work.

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